Modesto Fiduciary Services

Modesto fiduciary Donald E. Fischer, M.A., can serve as trustee, executor, administrator, conservator, financial agent or health care agent for clients in Modesto and throughout Stanislaus County.

Modesto Fiduciary ServicesWhat is a Professional Fiduciary?

A Professional Fiduciary is an individual who accepts responsibility for looking after the needs and affairs of another person. Professional fiduciaries provide critical services to seniors, persons with disabilities, and children. Modesto fiduciary Donald E. Fischer also offers financial management services ranging from basic bill paying to estate and investment management.

Mr. Fischer serves individuals seeking assistance with a variety of personal needs. Examples of people seeking Donald’s fiduciary services include helping those recently widowed (surviving spouse), and assistance to those who have become seriously ill or incapacitated. Mr. Fischer, as a Modesto fiduciary, acts solely for the benefit of that person.

Are Professional Fiduciaries Licensed?

Yes. In California, Professional Fiduciaries are licensed by the State Professional Fiduciaries Bureau. Earning and maintaining a fiduciary license (CLPF) requires a thorough background and credit check, formal education, perpetual continuing education, passing the national and state examination and certification processes, and complete transparency in personal and professional affairs.

Fiduciary Services Offered

The Modesto fiduciary services offered by Donald E. Fischer are far more flexible than those offered by banks, trust companies, and many private fiduciary firms, including:

Trust & Estate Administration

Donald E. Fischer can serve as a Trustee or Successor Trustee. He works with professionals the client already has an ongoing relationship with such as Estate Planning Attorneys who recommend Donald E. Fischer to be a Trustee or Successor Trustee for one or more of the attorney’s clients. Others who seek Mr. Fischer’s services as a Modesto fiduciary for their clients’ benefit are CPA’s, general practice lawyers, investment advisers, financial planners, insurance providers and others.

Donald welcomes serving as trustee on smaller trusts and trusts for special needs beneficiaries.

Mr. Fischer is also trained and skilled to serve as your trustee and personal representative on estates and trusts that have business, real estate holdings and other non-securities investments. Donald is an experienced ‘Mediator,’ so he is a solid choice when you need a trustee or administrator of an estate or trust where there are ongoing disputes or actual litigation taking place between the beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

When an individual or a couple has no family or loved ones to care for them as they age or become disabled, Donald E Fischer can provide that care. Modesto fiduciary, Donald E. Fischer, is known and admired as a compassionate care giver to his clients.

Power of Attorney arrangements are often set up by the client’s attorney. The attorney will draft an agreement specifying the individuals’ or couple’s wishes for their care and their estate management. Donald E. Fischer, acting on his client’s behalf by way of a Power of Attorney and companion agreement receives specified authority to act in capacities specifically detailed in the agreement. Fiduciary duties can include healthcare decisions, managing daily household and financial matters, investment management and end of life decisions. The individual or couple granting their attorney authority to draft the agreement and the power of attorney must have ‘capacity’ at the time of establishing the power of attorney.


Modesto fiduciary services include Conservatorships. Mr. Fischer is available to provide services for either Conservatorship of Person or Conservatorship of Estate or both. Often, a Court judge will appoint a conservator when the conservatee can no longer handle his or her own personal and financial affairs or thought to cause harm to themselves or others.

Assistance for Surviving Spouse

Following the death of a spouse there are many critical deadlines and tasks to address. Modesto fiduciary, Donald E. Fischer, can assist the surviving spouse with necessary tasks including:

  • Marshalling assets & liabilities
  • Draft a budget following asset and liability are documented and net income determined
  • Apply for social security benefits, pension benefits, Veteran’s benefits, life insurance policies
  • Notify government agencies regarding the death of your spouse
  • Deal with Healthcare, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Online Payments, Investments, and tax returns filings
  • And anything else that a surviving spouse might need assistance…

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